DLH Sumenep Wacanakan Pengadaan Kontainer Setiap Kecamatan

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(FOTO: KM/IMAM MAHDI ) BERBENAH: Tidak Idealnya kontainer di Kota Keris, akan berdampak buruk pada lingkungan karena masyarakat bisa membuang sampah sembarangan. 

KABARMADURA.ID, SUMENEP – Not all sub-districts in Keris City have containers for garbage disposal. So that this condition has an impact on the amount of garbage scattered on the streets.

For this condition, the Head of the Division (Head of) Management of Waste, Waste, and Hazardous and Toxic Materials (B3) of the Environmental Service (DLH) Sumenep Agus Salam admitted, many people are not aware of disposing of waste in its place. So it is necessary to procure containers in each district.

“Meanwhile, out of 27, only 4 sub-districts have containers,” he said, Wednesday (30/6/2021).

He said the sub-districts included Bluto District, Ganding District, Gapura District, Kalianget District. For 24 sub-districts, there are still no containers.

“Currently, in Saronggi District, a foundation is being built to provide container assistance,” he said. 

According to him, each container costs Rp40 million. So, currently it still requires funds of approximately Rp. 960 million to fulfill the 24 containers. “With the presence of containers in each sub-district, the community will not be arbitrary in disposing of waste,” said the man who is familiarly called Agus. 

According to Agus, this will be planned and will be submitted, of course, sourced from the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD). “In the near future, or in 2022, it can be realized,” he explained.

Meanwhile, member of Commission III DPRD Sumenep Akhmad Zainur Rakhman said, DLH should have proposed containers in each sub-district from the start. So, garbage is not scattered everywhere. Like in Saronggi Subdistrict, Pragaan which currently still has a lot of garbage and has not been resolved.

“DLH should have been responsive from the start, it’s not just now that there is an idea like that,” he concluded. (imd/mam)


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